Travel Information

Please select the highlighted yellow letters to download the document forms.

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Fill out the Gun Application

  • SAPS 520
  • page 1 of 8 nothing
  • page 2 of 8 Client info; fill out E1-25
  • page 3 of 8 only F only clients (owner) details
  • page 4 of 8 G only (import info)
  • page 5 of 8 Clients Details of firearm and ammo
  • page 6 of 8 Client need to sign + details, do not fill out K

A Custom declaration form 4457

  • A custom declaration form 4457 can be obtained at any USA custom office, and major airports.
  • Your gun needs to be inspected and the serial number checked to get the 4457

Invitation Letter 

Just fill in your details and hand this with the customs 4457 and your filled out gun application to the Gun officer in South Africa. Remember no semi automatics, no full automatic firearms. no handguns, no 2 rifles off the same caliber. Applicants for importing must be 21 years, 80 rounds off ammo.

Equipment List

  • Proof of gun ownership must be supplied entering South Africa.
  • Custom form 4457 must be obtained from your Customs as proof.
  • No semi-automatic or handguns are allowed
  • Bolt action my vary .270, 30/06, 7 mm Magnum, .300 Winchester, .300 Weatherby Magnum with variable power scope, 2x7 or 3x9. (Use the gun you shoot with everyday) no need to buy a new one.
  • Rifle sling
  • 80 rounds soft point ammunition. Loads from 160 - 220 grains depending on calibre
  • Hard gun case (Airline approved)
  • Soft gun case
  • A firearm import custom paper will be sent to you prior to the hunt (make sure you receive it!)
  • One heavy rifle (when required for big game like buffalo)
  • .375 H & H Magnum, .458 Winchester Magnum, .416 Remington, etc. With variable power scope, 1,5x4, 2x7, etc.
  • Rifle sling
  • 20 rounds soft point ammunition
  • 20 rounds solid ammunition
  • Hard gun case (Airline approved)
  • Soft gun case


  • 3 pair pants, cotton safari type in khaki or green, or jeans if preferred.
  • 3 hunting shirts in khaki or green or camo.
  • 1 lightweight hunting jacket in khaki or green or camo.
  • 1 heavy jacket during June, July and August
  • 1 hunting hat (we supply also)
  • 3 sets of underwear and socks
  • 1 belt
  • 1 pair light weight hunting boots
  • 1 safari vest (as from Cabela's) - this is very handy, but optional
  • Camo may be worn in South Africa
  • Washing is done daily


Indemnity form

Paperwork needed for gun importation

Preferred Trophies to hunt

  • Travel documents
  • Gun permits
  • Proof of gun ownership (Custom form 4457)
  • Invitation letter from Marupa Safaris
  • Passport
  • Reading material like ( how to improve on my hunting stories )or ( how to make people believe in my hunting lies)
  • Airline tickets
  • Make sure you filled out all the paperwork and faxed or e-mailed it back
  • The signed agreement is important as well as the general info.
    (Make 2 copies of everything and keep in separate places)

Big Game Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Northern Cape

Branch Code: 103502

Account Type: Current

Account No.: 1147167516

Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

Bank Address:

Constantia Ave, Shop 35, North Cape Mall, Royldene, Kimberly, 8301

Please send proof of payments to


Brandon Juries

Josh Christenson

Dave Bigler

Mike Brunson

Chris Williams 

Marv Smith

Jean Prowant

General Information

Terms & Conditions

To confirm your African Dream Safari – 50% of daily rates. Balance of daily rate payable upon arrival. All trophy’s bagged – payable at conclusion of hunt.

Hunting Licenses & Firearms

Trophy fees for most plains games are include in hunting fee. Proof of gun ownership must be supplied on entering South Africa and a Custom Form 4457 must be obtained from your Customs as proof. Import permits are issued upon arrival at our International airport.

  • No Semi- or Automatic Rifles are allowed.
  • Min Caliber .270 & ideal Caliber .300

Insurance & Liability

We take utmost care to ensure the safety of clients, as well as their belongings but would strongly recommend the following insurance:

  • Accidental death/disability
  • Emergency medical evacuation & -insurance
  • Trip cancellation


Visitors to the Limpopo can expect an extremely pleasant climate, with almost all year-round sunshine. A hunting season of chilly, early mornings, warm middays, dry afternoons and cold nights will greet you with a hospitable display of sunshine and reserve.


Pack light as laundry is done daily. Select soft, comfortable clothing in natural colour – camou-flage is permitted. Use well worn, soft rubber sole boots for stalking. A hat and warm jacket are essential. Pack casual wear for evenings or other excursions.


The hunting area is malaria free and no vaccinations are required, but remember your personal prescription medications, sunscreen and tick- repellent. In case of an emergency, a local hospital and doctor are 30 minutes away from the base camp.